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Weddings recognize that sex is important so that families can be established. These obsessive allusions to sexuality are a reminder of the many treatises on masturbation that Foucault compiled to describe the construction of specific power relations between children, the church and their parents in the 19 th century. Finally, iVillage places money in prominent spots in the hot topics section. At first, work may seem to be an alternative to pregnancy and by extension an alternative to the realm of the home.

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In the three weeks in that we surveyed iVillage , finances were discussed only 7 times. Right can be wrong about money. Through work and finance, iVillage continues to subject woman as the caretaker of the home. Although she is the one in charge, she is limited to the economy of the household. It is as caretaker that women are subjected as consumers. At iVillage she learns to live within her budget and manage her credit card debt. In the instances described above a subject is formed through subjection. Women are constantly incited to learn about their alleged condition through disciplinary practices such as quizzes, tests, and so forth.

They are also guided to develop embodied practices e. Specifically, in our analysis of iVillage we noted several ways in which women are subjected as one who constitutes and sustains the family. She reproduces, takes care of her family, cares for her body and manages the household economy.

2007 astrology scorpio

It is neither the state nor any other political or commercial institution acting on the individual. Practices of freedom thus result from the work of the self on the self in the process of subjectivation. They are not concerned with what has been or what is, but are focused on what is becoming. Given these characteristics, these practices can only emanate from the individual and can only be assessed as a historical event or in a state of emergence.

We will discuss these sites below to provide examples of the role the Internet plays in the subjectivation process in feminine subject formation. In raising consciousness we take stock of the situation in which we find ourselves. We reflect on how we are constrained and how we might change that which limits us. They urge us to support specific actions when they are up for vote or to criticize them for unfairness, or incompleteness after they are adopted.

However, while these topics are expounded in detail, there is no sense of connection between them nor is there a clear feeling about broader social issues. In contrast, both MoveOn and CodePink seem to go beyond this perspective. Typically, bake sales, held to raise funds for schools or churches, were the work of PTA mothers or churchwomen. The Web site let members know where the bake sales nearest to them were being held.

The site also posted comments from people who hosted or attended sales. The originality of this campaign was to re-appropriate a practice typically delegated to women and often perceived as inconsequential and limited to local concerns. MoveOn transformed this practice into a popular action concerning everyone; the aim was to directly affect national issues. Interestingly, this move was articulated around the kinds of feminine responsibilities we identified in the subjection that iVillage perpetrated i.

In other words, spaces of freedom are wide and the points of resistance on which subjectivation can be anchored are as abundant as the power relations through which subjection is exercised.

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  • The site is articulated around immediate concerns about Iraq or the specific action they are currently supporting; however, one of their first banner selections is about local issues, which provides news of involvement in major cities and calls for input from actions taken throughout the country. But more critical, in our minds, is their newsroom section that lists archives of their work as well as outside links. This list of outside links is telling by its length, which suggests a desire to share and circulate new ways of thinking, and by its diversity.

    Connecting in this way transcends the politics of identity and expands the message to the whole of society. In this structure we should particularly emphasize the use of humor, which explicitly appears in the political satire section, but also ironically transpires in voices of reason that points, among others, to Janeane Garofalo. As a female stand-up comic, Garofalo uses her comic talent to help displace our expectations to a place of acceptance and creativity, a voice of reason indeed. Considering first the assumptions of modernity as they apply to the Internet, we have undertaken a detailed discussion of the notion of subject formation in women.

    This history functions as a sedimentation resulting from the work that is done on them through subjection and the work they do on themselves through subjectivation. We have documented how these two movements of subject formation are manifested in Web sites that, except for MoveOn, specifically address women and have concluded that their visibility vouched for a role of the Internet in fostering social change.

    Ever since the advent of Athenian democracy, the premise that societies are rationally constructed has long been the dream of western civilization. This dream, however, has been severely criticized over centuries and has been eroding since the very dawn of modernity in the late 18 th century. Indeed, Kant implicitly identifies limitations to rational knowledge, which he began to theorize in his Critique of Judgment. This erosion was all but completed with the rise of psychoanalysis, especially Freudian and Lacanian perspectives, which established that the actions of individuals are never completely rational but also motivated by often unconscious feelings and desires.

    That societies are not rationally constructed, however, does not mean that debates, which are at least partially rational, do not contribute to social formation or that debates are not part of the mechanism of social dynamics i. Thus despite a weakening of the premises of modernity, the notion of public sphere remains an important one, and the idea that the Internet is a technology appropriate for the delineation of such a sphere remains viable.

    The Internet, particularly its commercial segment, offers a limited range of possible interactions. So, for instance, despite its original intent, iVillage is a site that perpetuates a subject position for woman that she has occupied, often reluctantly, for many years. Although iVillage uses a medium that purports to be an innovative interactive public space, as exemplified by its chat rooms, it nonetheless offers severely circumscribed spaces where practices of freedom can be exercised. This failure to open spaces of freedom, particularly noticeable in commercial sites, does not negate the impossibility for novel uses of the medium as MoveOn and CodePink have shown.

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    The virtualization of the Internet addresses specific Web design practices that confine this technology to a space separate from the everyday space of reality. Indeed electronic ticketing and to some extent purchases through on-line catalogues seem to set up a cyberspace with little contact with everyday life, save the FedEx delivery person.

    The discourses surrounding the Internet further emphasize the virtual characteristics of cyberspace when it describes it in conjunction with disembodiment and isolation. But, in this regard, we could ask the question that Michel Serres poses in Atlas when he wonders where a phone call between, for instance, Paris and Milan resides.

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    • One literal answer may well be in the phone circuits of Switzerland. However, we would argue it is more likely it resides in the lived relationship of the two correspondents.

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      In the same way, the descriptions of the actions taken by MoveOn and CodePink suggest a direct connection with the real world, as the actions promoted on their sites often translate into real bake sales or demonstrations. Thus, to be an effective public sphere the Internet can be neither isolated nor isolating but must be understood as a link, among others, that contributes to strengthening social networks.

      This requires a radical departure from a view of the Internet that only focuses on its capability to store and retrieve explicit information and on its ability to empower by removing all human contact. Not surprisingly, this conception of the Internet fits the ideal of game theory, which requires independent rational agents having at their disposal transparent information to support decisions that only engage them. This model is, of course, that for the new economy, which serves e-consumers. A re-reading of the Internet as a mode of communication and collaboration between human beings thus underscores the importance of access which not only addresses the ability to connect to the Internet but more importantly, the ability to participate in a visible way with interchanges in cyberspace.

      Addressing this issue will demand implementation of procedures to regulate the search engine market and the invention of guidelines to favor the development of new systems that will broaden the opening of spaces of freedom.

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      Although points of resistance are always present, the ease of their exploitation in subjectivation is greatly diminished when the environment where they occur is constrained. As we have demonstrated, the increasing commercialization of the Internet fosters such a constrained environment. This is a reminder that when the networks of power are solidly entrenched in a quasi fixed patterned, the spaces of freedom are greatly reduced.

      Thus if the Internet is to have more of an impact in changing relations of power, its role in subject formation must be understood better. Designers must remain aware of the means of subjection and explore ways to open spaces of freedom where subjectivation can be exercised.

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      This is critical because the subject is formed at the level of micropower relations where social change emanates. Networks of power operate at the level of the agent. Each individual agent is enmeshed in a matrix of micropower relations specific to them. See Foucault, There has been considerable research dealing with women in cyberspace from varying perspectives.

      Our concern is specifically with subject formation. Two subsequent reviews of this site acknowledged changes in design and content, but also recognized coherence and constancy in the tonality of the site. The structural conclusions reached in this analysis thus extend to the current instantiation of iVillage. Except for Oxygen, content at Women. Although Oxygen.

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